Copyright Dispute Policy

Effective date: August 17, 2015



It seems like you've provided a Copyright Dispute Policy related to MerchGears' services. This policy outlines the steps and procedures to report and address copyright infringement issues. If you believe that material on the MerchGears platform infringes your copyright or the copyright of someone you're authorized to act on behalf of, you can follow the procedures outlined in the policy to report the infringement.

The policy covers the following key points:

  1. Reporting Copyright Infringements: If you believe copyrighted material is being illegally copied and distributed on the MerchGears platform, you can report the infringement. You'll need to provide specific information, such as identification of the infringing material, its location, and your contact information.

  2. Designated Agent: MerchGears has a designated agent to receive notifications of claimed infringement. The agent's contact details are provided in the policy.

  3. Actions Upon Proper Infringement Notification: Upon receiving a proper notice of copyright infringement, MerchGears may remove or disable access to the infringing material, notify the content provider accused of infringement, and potentially terminate their access if they are a repeat offender.

  4. Counter-Notice: If a content provider believes that the material they posted was removed or disabled incorrectly due to a mistake or misidentification, they can send a counter-notice. The counter-notice should contain specific information, including a statement of good faith belief and contact details.

  5. Restoration of Material: Upon receiving a counter-notice, MerchGears may choose to send a copy of the counter-notice to the original complaining party. Unless the copyright owner files a court order, the removed material may be replaced or access restored after a specified period.

The contact details for MerchGears' Designated Agent are provided in the policy, and they include:

MerchGears Designated Agent: Email:

If you have any concerns or questions about copyright infringement on the MerchGears platform, you can contact their Designated Agent using the provided email address.